Congratulations on Your Engagement!

No, not THAT kind, THIS kind!

Engaging with your customers whenever they reach out is essential in today’s digital world. A world where customers will go elsewhere if they’re unable to connect with you within minutes, or seconds in some cases!

We’ll help you engage with your customers everywhere they are without hiring additional staff or sitting in front of a computer all day long.

No Contracts, No Hidden Fees!

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Let Us Help Take Your Social Engagement to “I SEE You!”

Introducing the Social Engagement Engine (SEE), our Done-For-You system that eliminates 90% of the effort of keeping your social engagement fresh, engaging, AND EASY.

Our Social Engagement Engine enables fresh social interaction to help busy business owners like you maintain a solid presence online, so when existing and potential customers go looking for you, you’re there. And not just there, you’re there consistently and dependably, setting yourself up as an authority in your field.

And therein lies the secret sauce… Sharing with them, giving to them, and interacting with them keeps you and your business in their mind. So when they do need or want your service, they already feel like they know you. People do business with someone they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST; What we refer to as the KLT Factor!

Forbes Magazine Says 78% of Consumer Buying Decisions are Influenced by a company’s Facebook Page!

78% of consumers check out a businesses Facebook page prior to purchasing.

According to an article by Forbes, 78% of consumer buying decisions are influenced by a company’s Facebook page. This makes Facebook a powerful tool in attracting new and repeat business. However, if your page offers no content (or the wrong content), no reviews or only really old ones, the impact could spell disaster for your business.

Customers will be left with a bad impression of a poorly managed business or wonder if you’re even still open for business! It will make it much easier for them to move on to your competitor.

Let Your Customers Know You’re Still OPEN FOR BUSINESS…

With our Done For You Social Engagement Engines!

Are You Scaring Off Your Customers With Constant Promotion???

People get bored, turned off and don’t want to be sold to!

So they quit going to your fb page, website or engaging with you at all because all they get is “Buy This” or “BIG SALE” posts or me, me, me, all about me posts.

To be really effective on social media, YOU MUST have a mixture of content that engages with your clients or customers and isn’t only about buying from you or what sale you have at the moment or we have this new service that you have to come in for right now!

While those posts, videos and interactions have their place, your efforts need to be all about building relationships.

Avoid Constant Self-Promotion

So What’s the Solution for Effective
Customer Engagement for Your Business???

Our Done-For-You Social Engagement Systems!

With your very own Social Engagement Engine, you unleash a powerful, automated system to keep your business alive online and give your followers a place where they feel heard and valued.

Four Paths to Choose From!

Our Social Engagement Engine is comprised of four distinct paths and services. You can choose one, or combine several. We are happy to create a Custom Package to meet your Social Engagement Needs!


Done For You Social Posting


Welcome Mat Vidoes


Easy Social Vids


Social POP Videos

Daily Social Posting

Creating engaging social media posts is hard, time-consuming, and often overwhelming. While social media can be a powerful tool for your business, it’s also incredibly difficult to create a constant stream of new content to post every day. Even if you’re an expert at creating great content, it’s still time-consuming to create all the content you need for each platform.

Our Daily Social Posting Service will take care of this problem by posting engaging memes, tips, or images daily on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram so you can focus your energy elsewhere. We’ll even post to your Google My Business listing 3 to 5 times per week to encourage Google to show your business to more of your potential customers and clients.


Welcome Mat Video opened. SocialEnggementEngine.com

Welcome Mat Videos

These simple, personalized video greetings are a revolutionary way to welcome website visitors with an engaging, personalized message – one that lets them know they’re in the right place. Immediately engage your visitors and help them know, like, and trust you by greeting them in person.

Provide visitors with information about your business or services – everything from current specials and menu items to directions on what’s next for them in their experience with your business.

You can also encourage customers, clients, and patients to engage with you directly through clickable links overlayed on your video message. And it’s all done seamlessly without interrupting your site design.


Easy Social Vids at SocialEngagementEngine.com

Easy Social Vids

Would it be valuable to have people saying good things about your business?
(We all know the answer here is YES! YES! and YES!)

Now, what if you could collect all the good things they’re saying into an engaging, authentic video at the push of a button? No tech skills needed, no rocket science degree, and no worries about them trying to figure out how on earth to send you the video they made.

What if they could simply click a link, record their review, and send it back to you, all in under 5 minutes? From there, you select the reviews you want to keep and download them to your computer to use anywhere you desire. AND you only pay for the ones you keep!

This is the newest, most exciting state-of-the-art Review option (much less, video review option) we’ve ever shared at Social Engagement Engine.

And, as an EXTRA BENEFIT, it also gives YOU an EASY way to get your own video messages, specials, trainings and more online effortlessly.



Social POP Videos

If your customers are scrolling through their news feeds, they’re not seeing your posts! Smack them and grab their attention with a Social POP Video and reap the rewards: loads of attention and potential sales for whatever you’re promoting. Whether they buy or not, your customers will REMEMBER your posts and ads!

With our attention-grabbing videos, your customers will stop scrolling and start clicking. Boosting sales has never been easier with Social POP videos to catch customers’ attention. With results that speak for themselves, this is the perfect time to run a promotion or celebrate an occasion!

Click on the LEARN MORE button below to see some great POP example videos. We have many designs on the page and many other options for a one-of-a-kind, custom, scroll-stopping video for you and your business.

Stop feed scrolling TODAY!


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FAQs About Our Social Engagement Engines

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Can I still post to my Social Media pages?

Of course! You’re still in full control of all of your business’s assets. Our service runs in the background and takes the pressure off you having to find regular content to post. Having said that… you should post content we don’t have access to. Special events, new products or services, changes in hours, basically anything that might come up your customers should know about. And you can do that anytime (the same way that you always have) without interrupting anything we’re doing for you.

What if I want to cancel?

That’s not a problem. Unlike what you might have experienced with other marketing companies, we don’t obligate you to stay with us if you’re not happy. However, our social media posting and other Social Engagement Engines provides such an invaluable service, our clients rarely leave. We think you’ll feel the same! Regardless, we don’t lock you in with any contracts. Just give us written notice here and we’ll part friends. But we’ll be ready for you when you come back!

How soon will you start posting on my page?

Once you’ve given us the necessary access to your Social Media profiles, your social posting will begin within 2 business days.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Absolutely not! We do not have contracts.

However, unless you’re just not happy with the content we post, we do encourage you to plan on giving us a try for at least three months. This helps us to ensure you understand and accept the expectation that it can take two to three months to train the platforms to show your posts and to grow an online audience.

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Can I upgrade my posting account at a later date?

Asbsolutely. If you decide to create additional social media accounts for posting, or were simply giving us a try on Facebook before giving us access to the rest of your accounts, just let us know here and we’ll update your account immediately. If you create the accounts yourself, simply give us the login and we can start posting to them within a few days. If you need or want us to create new or additional, social media accounts for you, there is a one-time charge of $50 per account to create the new accounts.

For your Easy Social Vids and Welcome Mat Videos accounts, we have more options and levels of accounts you can upgrade to at any time.


Why can't I be billed by a monthly invoice for this service?

Our goal is to take away all the hurdles from creating your own Social Engagement Engine. By utilizing automatic billing, we’re able to insure your Social Engagement Engine will continue like clockwork and you’ll never have customers wondering if you’re still open ever again! 
With all of our clients starting Engines on different days of the month, billing each one separately, tracking payments, did they pay, did they not, did their card get declined, etc. etc. would take a full time employee dedicated to just billing. Our prices would have to go up drastically just to cover costs for that one employee. We don’t want that and neither do you! So we set EVERYONE up on auto-billing for month to month services, and in some cases we offer deals for yearly packages too!

And remember, we don’t have any contracts or commitments so if you change your mind and want us to shut down your engine, simply let us know here and we’ll get you taken care of.

Can I get a refund if I'm not happy?

Due to the nature and amount of customization that goes into each of our Social Engagement Engines, we do not typically offer refunds. If you paid a set up fee to create your Social Engagement Posting Engine and decide you’re not happy with our posting service within the first 7 days of our posting, we’ll gladly refund your initial month’s payment (minus the set up fee) and all posting will be stopped immediately. If you decide to cancel after that, any future payments will be stopped and your posting will continue through the current billing cycle. Cancellations must be received 7 days prior to the end of the current billing cycle in order to give us time to stop the payments and disconnect your accounts in a timely manner.

Due to the amount of customization and work involved to set up your accounts for your Easy Simple Vids, and Welcome Mat Videos, if you decide you want to cancel our service, simply let us know within 7 days of your next billing cycle and we will stop all future payments and services at the end of the month.

Because of the nature of the services rendered, videos and testimonials created and downloaded for lifetime business use, these two services are not refundable. Remember, you are not signing any contracts with us!

Social POP Videos are all custom made and are not refundable. We will ALWAYS do our best and make every effort to give you an end result POP video that you will love and want to use long term, bringing your business much new business and social acclaim, or at least bring in new customers!

To cancel your account, please contact us here and we’ll take care of everything.

What if I have more questions?

We love questions and are happy to help in any way we can. Just send us a message here and we’ll get back with you within 48 to 72 hours.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the options further, please
Contact Us by clicking here.

We look forward to helping you get more customers for your business from Social Media.
We also offer a FREE consultation/strategy session!