A Pair Of Passionate Entrepreneurs

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Mel Hirsch CCO of Social Engagement Engine.

Mel Hirsch

Engagement Specialist, Using Daily Social Posting, Videos, and more!

Mel spent 20+ years as an independent massage therapist, growing her clinic into one of the largest in Southern Colorado, followed by several more years as a Positive Changes Hypnosis franchisee.
Mel entered into the world of local marketing full time after a car accident made doing massage no longer possible.
Mel specializes in doing what she loves to call Super Engagement Marketing, working with businesses that want to BE SEEN, but more importantly, BE ENGAGED!
Daily Social Media Posting and Engagement, and Social Pop Videos are her specialties. What she can do for your business is so effective, results can often be seen in days.


Annie Hirsch, Funnel Wizard, Bot Master

Annie Hirsch

Ninja Content Creator, Blog writer, Specializing in the Pet/Vet World.

Annie is the geek of this dynamic duo and behind-the-scenes super tech support to our online empire.

After 30+ years as a small animal veterinarian, she was drawn into Direct Response Marketing to help solve marketing problems in her own practice and to help others in veterinary medicine as well. So she knows marketing and what gets attention.

She currently works at a local Veterinary practice and does amazing content writing and creation in her in-between time. (when Mel is not dragging her into some techy problem she has run into.