You’re In!

needYou’re In!

Thanks for taking us up on our offer to help you out with your social media posting. We’ve got your details and will be getting in touch in the next day or so to get your posting schedule started. But before we do… you need to allow us access to your business facebook page so we can actually start posting. This access can be removed at any time if you ever decide to cancel our service.

The short video below gives you a quick walkthrough on how to do this. If you have any questions at all, please send me a text to 719-792-4292 and I’ll help you through the process.

Talk soon!



Dr. Anne Sober-Hirsch

How to Give Us Posting Access to Your FB Page

Please Note: You are still the top level administrator of your page. All we need is “editor” access to your page.

Put This Email in the Box:


(as shown in the video above)